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Books by Snyder E. Roberts

Volume I
By Snyder E. Roberts 1982
1. The Story of Oliver Springs Schools
2. Oldtimers and the Days Back When, or when Grandpa was a Boy

$25 + S&H

Volume II

By Snyder E. Roberts 1983
1. Businesses, Institutions, Industries

$25 + S&H

Volume III

By Snyder E. Roberts 1984
1. Leaders of Yesterday, Town Characters, Medical Doctors, and Illustrated Poems

$25 + S&H

Volume IV
By Snyder E. Roberts 1985
1. First Settlers Around 1800
2. A Study of Town Government

$25 + S&H

Town of Oliver Springs Afghan
with Historical Buildings

Photos include: Southern Depot, Sienknecht General Store, Spring House, Oliver Springs Bank, L&N Depot, Oliver Springs School, Oliver Springs Corner Drug Store, Abston Garage, Colonial Hall, Cumberland Presbyterian Church, First Baptist Church and The Famous Oliver Springs Hotel

$65 + (S&H is $11.97)

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Commemorative Brick orders being taken now

These bricks will be permanently placed in specific areas for public viewing throughout the inside of the Oliver Springs Historical Museum upon opening. Each brick contain three (3) lines with a maximum of seventeen (17) characters per line. Spaces are considered a character.

2013 Cookbook
Remembering the Past

Coming Soon
 with plenty of town photos and historical descriptions in a padded 3-ring binder.

Pricing expected to be

$20 + S&H

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